- ProductHunt launch

Today my company, Teaming has launched our application on Product Hunt.

When I evaluate new technologies and tools for my own use, I like to look for a few things.

First, which tools give me the simplest and most obvious means to accomplish my tasks and achieve my goals? Second, how easy is it for me to discover additional functionality once I’ve mastered a tool’s basics? And finally, does a tool free me by removing obstacles or hinder me by spawning more?

At Teaming, we ask ourselves these same questions about the software we produce.

We recognize the real work isn’t what happens in the machine, it’s what happens between the members of healthy teams, the relationships they build, and the trust they establish with each other. We strive to help people win the war of attrition they fight every day against the unnecessary busy-work that dilutes natural chemistry and personal connections.

You don’t need Yet Another App hogging your diminishing screen real-estate. You need a real force multiplier that helps you do heavy lifting.

Our software focuses on your teammates, how they work, and what makes them tick. It provides resources for conducting meaningful one-on-ones, and tools for measuring overall team health as it varies over time. Goals, key results, and action items turn decisions into measurable action. Our rich collection of meeting templates and topics keep your team focused and reduce ambiguity in meetings.

Archimedes claimed that the simplicity of the lever would let him move the world. We think the simplicity of Teaming can move your peers, team, and organization closer to real success.

Kick the tires, and let us know what you think!